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The Right Men's Suit

How to Choose the Right Suit for your Body Type

Shopping for a suit can be an overwhelming and stressful experience for most men.  With the right kind of knowledge and a good idea of what your body type is, you can dress with confidence and choose the right fit for you.

Classic Fit

The Classic fit is everything you would picture it to be.  This is what you see most men wearing on the daily.  It is perfectly designed for the average built man.  He has an equally proportioned torso and the extra fabric gives him a perceived confidence of blending in. This very traditional look is for the guy that wears suits daily and needs to feel comfortable.  I would say most men over 40 will be seen in this style.  Think accountants, bankers and upper level management. The proper fit will give him a clean look that is always in style. While Classic is never wrong, there are a few ways to update his style without creating discomfort in fit. You can choose a rich blue tone or a charcoal or black suit which you will see as a new emerging staple this Fall.  Chances are he has never worn a bold blue suit and will really enjoy the change and people will surely notice his new sense of style.  Add in a patterned shirt or a pop of color tie and you have a complete look that will really turn heads.

Modern Fit

The Modern Fit is a hybrid between Classic and Slim fit style suiting.  It is most suited for a man with a lean build and toned mid section.  Most men in their early 20s-30s can be seen sporting this fit since they have just begun to build their wardrobe. This is a great compromise for the man that is aware of fashion trends and wanting to create a bold look for himself while also having a bit of room for comfort. You will see zero excess fabric in the pant legs and will have little to no break at the shoe line.  The Modern Fit can be very slimming since it eliminates the bulk of fabric that most Classic Fit Suits have in the coat and the trouser.  I would suggest a bold pattern in your suiting fabric in a shade of blue.  And don’t be afraid to mix and match solids with patterns. This brings depth to your look and elevates your style.  A smaller patterned shirt can be layered with a large pattern to make a huge statement. Get ready for the compliments!

Slim Fit

This is for the fashion forward man that is trim, slim or of smaller stature.  You will see a much smaller fitting sport coat with a shorter length. Choosing a single button closure is an excellent option for this style as it elongates the mid section.  You will typically see a slim fit leg with no break in this suit style. It is not uncommon to see a little bit of ankle and a loafer worn without socks to complete this fashion forward combination.  You will see this on men that are in a creative working space; think marketing, advertising, real estate or fashion.  Bringing in bold patterns will give this modern man a look that stops people in their tracks. He will be making an entrance and his confidence will dominate a room.

Which suit fit are you? Reach out to a personal stylist if you are still unsure of your look or fit.  There are many professionals in your area that would love to help you walk into a room as the best version of yourself.  After all, clothes really can make the man.

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