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Product Feature: Angelo Rossi Suits (Most Bang for Buck Suit)

Product Feature: Angelo Rossi Suits (Most Bang for Buck Suit)

Today we will be looking at one of our most affordable and best selling modern fit suits, Angelo Rossi. We have carried these men's suits for just over five years and were immediately impressed with the high quality craftsmanship it offers. Finding an affordable, well fitting suit these days is no easy task. Either you're left spending unrealistic amount on a designer label suit, or you receive a suit that is cheap and doesn't last. Our customer's here at MDZ Fashion have left us with overwhelming positive feedback on the Angelo Rossi brand suits. Here are our favorite features:

Angelo Rossi Suits are Modern Fit

Modern fit suits are cut in between a classic fit and a slim fit suit. And if there is one thing we've learned, it's that the middle of the road is never an incorrect choice. These modern fit suits fit most body types right and give you the benefits of both classic and slim fit suit options. The modern fit suit gives you a little bit of room (not as much as classic fit suits) so that you are comfortable all day long, but at the same time gives an hour glass look that is synonymous with slim fit suits. When in doubt, modern fit suit cuts will usually be a good choice.

Up-to date Styling

Angelo Rossi suits keep up with the trends and it shows. They are conservative suits, but offer men a little bit of fashion styling in some of their suit options. They are currently being cut with two button jackets. The lapels are notch (a more conservative, modern look), and they have side vents.

Performance Stretch

Currently, along with our private label Top Lapel and MDZ Black Label Collection suits, Angelo Rossi are being made with a performance stretch material. What does this mean? There is a tiny bit (usually between 2-3%) of a stretch material added so the suit gives you even more added comfort and makes moving around in them all day an easy, non-burdening task. This is the latest in men's suit "technology". Performance stretch men's suits are being cut by all name brands, including Calvin Klein. So having that option in Angelo Rossi, or our Top Lapel and MDZ men's suit collections at an affordable price is hands down a win-win!

The Price

Many of our clients wear suits on a daily, or very frequent basis. So having a wide variety of colors and styles is a must. (Don't be the guy that wears the same suit every day). So the price point on these suits is one of it's most appealing features. It allows you to purchase 2 to 3 of them for the same price you'd find at your local department store. Having a closet full of awesome men's suits does not have to break the bank, and these Angelo Rossi suits will allow you to have a unique, and different look every day of the week.

In short, if you're looking for a high quality, affordable suit that you can wear daily and that offers unique styling and a variety of colors and styles. then look no further than these Angelo Rossi modern fit men's suits. Other great options are Top Lapel and our MDZ Black Label men's suits.

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